Portable Office Design Ideas For Your New Home Office


Portable offices are a great way to create a productive workspace that can follow you around. From a college dorm room to an office conference room, these portable desks will give you everything you need in one place. Here’s how:

Portable Office Design Ideas

Portable Office Design Idea #1 – The Corner Desk

The first portable office design idea is the corner desk. Corner desks are a great choice for a portable office because they allow you to easily use the entire space of the room, including under and above your desk.

To take advantage of this feature, keep books and files in bins under your desk or hang them on shelves above it. You can even use baskets or drawers if you don’t have enough room for bins under there!

#2 – The Modular Desk

If you have a small space, modular desks are the way to go. They’re great for offices because they can be moved around and used in a variety of configurations. The best part? They’re easy to clean! Modular desks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you can find one that fits your needs perfectly.

#3 – The L Shaped Desks

The L shaped desk is a great option for the small office. It’s one of the most versatile desks because it can be used in so many ways, including collaboration and privacy.

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The L-shaped desk has two work surfaces that are parallel to each other and connected at 90 degrees. In this case, there are two people working on their own projects but with some shared space between them–this makes it perfect for teams who need to collaborate but also want some privacy while working on individual tasks.

If you have more than one person working in your office who needs an L-shaped desk, keep in mind that these types of desks tend to take up more floor space than other kinds (such as U-shaped) so make sure there’s room before making your purchase!

#4 – The U Shaped Desk

The U shaped desk is a great option for small spaces. If you’re working in an office that doesn’t have much room, this can be one of the best solutions. The U shape allows for more people to work together while keeping their own space private at the same time. It also gives you more surface area if you need it.

If privacy is what you want, then consider buying two regular desks and putting them back-to-back with one facing outwards towards the room and one facing inward towards each other (or both facing inward). This will give everyone their own space while still giving them access to shared resources like printers or copy machines etc., if needed!

#5 – The Round Table Desk

If you’re looking for a portable office design idea that’s flexible and can be easily moved around the room, a round table desk is a great option. This type of desk has many uses – it can be used as an office space, a dining table (or even both), depending on your needs!

#6 – Shelving and Storage in the Corner of Your Room

The corner of our room is a great place to add shelving, storage, and natural lighting. Shelves can be used for books, files and other items that you need regular access to. Add a lamp for natural lighting and decorate with plants or photos. A desk in this area can be used as an office space if you want it to be separate from your main work area (or if you don’t have one). Add some comfortable chairs so people can sit down while they work or read!

#7 – Add a Large Plant and Lamp for Natural Lighting

  • Place a large plant and lamp in your portable office.
  • This can be an excellent way to add natural light without having to worry about bringing in additional equipment or furniture. The plant will provide a bit of greenery and shade, while the lamp will help illuminate your space without adding any heat that might make things uncomfortable.
  • Choose a hardy species of plant like succulents or cacti that are easy to care for and don’t need much water (if any). They’re also low-maintenance so you won’t have any trouble keeping them alive while traveling!

These ideas will help you design the perfect portable office.

These ideas will help you design the perfect portable office.

  • Portable. You don’t want to be stuck in one place, so make sure your portable office can be moved around the house or even taken outside with ease. This will allow you to use it in any room and move it as needed!
  • Affordable. While some people may opt for a more expensive option, these ideas are affordable and easy on your wallet–a win-win situation!
  • Easy setup/take down time: It doesn’t get much easier than this when it comes down to setting up an office space for yourself at home (or anywhere else). These are great choices because they don’t require much effort from anyone involved!


We hope these ideas will help you design the perfect portable office.

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