Office Trailers vs. Ground-Level Offices

Can we Consider Office Trailers as Ground Level?

Office trailers are not considered ground level, even though they are not far from the ground. They sit on a frame with wheels and a towing hitch. They are a few feet off the ground. Ground level offices sit right on the ground.

Office Trailers

Office Trailers and Ground-Level Offices Construction Process

Office trailers and ground-level offices are both built in a factory, not at the job site. Office trailers usually have steel or aluminum frames, with walls made of fiberglass, vinyl, aluminum, plywood, or other materials. But you have to remember that it also depends on the manufacturer & model.

Ground-level offices come in many different types, but shipping container structures have become the best option for many organizations. This is because shipping containers can be easily moved and are very strong.

Some people take old shipping containers and turn them into offices. They add things like doors, windows, and plumbing. Container structures typically have the steel framing and corrugated steel walls of an original shipping container. The office interior is often finished with plywood.

How to Transport Office Trailer or Ground Level Office

Office trailers are mounted on a frame with wheels. They can be towed by a truck. Ground level offices need to be placed onsite by a machine like a crane, specialty forklift, or tilt bed truck.

You can put an office on a chassis. But when you do, it becomes a container-based office trailer. Most businesses choose to keep their container-based offices at ground level because it is cheaper and more convenient.

Office Trailer & Ground Level Office Prep Process

Office trailers and ground level offices need a flat, dry, and level surface. You will need to spend time blocking and leveling the frame of an office trailer. You may choose to cover the blocking and wheels with skirting to make the office look better.

Ground-level offices are exactly what they sound like: offices that sit on the ground without any stairs. Depending on the conditions of the land, businesses often do not need to prepare a foundation before placing their container-based offices.

Business Benefits to Ground-Level Offices

Ground-level offices are just as convenient as office trailers, and they cost about the same. So if you use office trailers, you should also consider ground level offices made from shipping containers. They have lots of advantages, especially for businesses like these:

Businesses That Travel Over Rough Roads

How long an office trailer lasts depends on how often it is moved and the quality of the roads it travels on. For example, if an office trailer is only moved once from the factory to a school campus, it might last for more than 20 years. But if a mining company pulls an office trailer over unpaved roads a lot, it will cause big problems that will cost a lot of money to fix.

Businesses That Need Extra Security

It is not impossible to burglarize a shipping container-based office, but it is very difficult because of the steel walls and barred windows. Construction companies were one of the first groups of people to start using storage and offices made from shipping containers. This was because the added security prevented theft from happening at construction sites.


If you’re considering adding an office to your construction site, or upgrading from a small trailer to something more spacious, there are several things you should take into account. In this blog post, we looked at the pros and cons of two common types of construction site offices – trailers and ground-level offices. Trailers are generally less expensive and can be moved around easily, but they may not be as comfortable for your workers. Ground-level offices are sturdier and can offer more amenities, but they may require some excavation work before they can be installed. Ultimately, the decision comes down to your budget and the needs of your workers. What type of construction site office do you have? Are you happy with it? Let us know in the comments!

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